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Hi! My name is Brandon. I'm a lifelong musician with a passion for emotionally-charged, energetic music that invokes a strong reaction from the listener, and sticks with you long after hearing it. My own writing is heavily influenced by the work of artists such as Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, Yoko Shimomura, and David Wise, as well as the several excellent composers who have worked on the Mega Man and Mega Man X series throughout the years.

In addition to being a songwriter, I am a rock-style and musical-theater-style vocalist, and play several instruments including electric guitar, bass, and keyboards. I live and perform in the Hampton Roads Virginia area, usually playing original songs and 90s/2000s rock covers. I also host local music events, and am proud to support the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads music scene.

I am available for hire for both Events and Contract work. I especially enjoy writing music for games specifically. If you are a developer looking to commission music for your project, please contact me; I look forward to working with you.

Contracts and Commissions

The difference between a good game that's fun to play and a great game playing experience that will be remembered forever often comes down to the soundtrack. Music is the catalyst that makes the dungeon feel dangerous; makes the candid heart-to-heart conversation feel intimate; makes the big, bad adversary feel truly menacing. Invoking a strong emotional response in your players ensures these experiences stay with them long after they've stopped playing, and increases the likelihood of word-of-mouth marketing occurences: a powerful form of free advertising for your game.

As a musician and a gamer, my life's passion is writing for games specifically, and I am continually eager to put the ideas of creative developers to music. No matter the genre of your game, or the style of writing from epic, orchestrated high-fantasy, to catchy, energetic chiptune and everything in between, I have the skills and equipment necessary to help bring your project to life through exceptional audio.

I am also available for general contract work, and can offer my expertise in the following areas:

  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Unity/C# Development
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Creative Writing
Feel free to check out some of my past projects, or have a listen to get an idea of the kind of work I can do for you. And of course, please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions regarding time frame, pricing, or services offered.


Local Events

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Hampton Roads is a great place for music, and it's only getting better. Currently, I am available for hire as an entertainer for a variety of event types:

  • Live Audio Engineer
  • Open Mic Host
  • DJ/Karaoke
  • Solo Performances
  • Full Band Performances (Coming Soon)

I am equipped with a full PA/Sound System, as well as gear for a full standard rock band. Whether you're a restaurant or other venue looking to pull in more guests with an open mic or karaoke night, or a band in need of an additional act or supplemental gear and mixing for your upcoming gig, I'd love to be of assistance; please contact me for further information and pricing.

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